The Invention Of The Smartphone

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The invention of the smartphone is an inflection point in history because it is a huge addition of technology. Without smartphone, there would be no such thing as using internet on the go. A smartphone is a device that combines a cell phone with a hand-held computer, typically offering internet access, e-mail ability, data storage and many other things. This is useful for fast references like using google maps in the car to find our destination or looking something up on google. Now smartphones have become an important thing for people. So, that it becomes a part of their life because it patronages their activities. For connecting with their job, family, friends they need to keep it. That’s why, smartphones have become the best solution…show more content…
Accordingly, operating systems are the most important part of our smartphone. Also, smartphone applications have good availability. We do not have to worry about how we find the application. In this era, we can find anything we want easily. We can find it on the worldwide network, the internet, where we can share anything with other people in the world. We just need to find a site. The smartphone is beneficial because it has two functions. It can be a computing device and a communication device. For example, we can send an e-mail with this device, send a SMS and call someone and we can use it for chat with another user. Smartphones, and even other electronic devices are the best invention that has been found. Smartphones are very complex and sophisticated because it has many advantages such as availability, and operating system. It is important for people who need tools to support their duty. With any new invention and technology comes advantages and disadvantages and it is the users’ choice to evaluate the pros and cons and decide whether to use it or not. Transportable personal phones are one of the biggest human achievements introduced in the twentieth century. Cell phones have come a long way since their invention and revolutionized the world of communication by advancing to smartphones from being a simple communication device. Today, smartphones not only facilitate communication, whether by voice
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