The Invention Of The Technology

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Introduction Brief introduction into the topic In evolutionary terms, advancements in technology are the utmost fundamental events to have occurred in human history. Rapid growths in technology are extremely beneficial to our species. These growths include, however, not limited to: the invention of fire, invention of electricity, invention of cars and planes, and the invention of inter-networking (The Internet). The intention of the simplifying of life lead dramatically reduced the stress on human life. It enhanced life. The invention of fire opened up gateways to cooking, lighting and creation. The invention of electricity introduced the invention of the light bulb and batteries. The invention of cars and planes made traveling easier. Finally, the invention of the internet made retrieving information more accessible. All these inventions had one common intention. To make life easier, and it succeeded. Furthermore, exponential growth is expected from the growth and development of this technology. However, batteries, technology based on an outdated principle that hasn’t seen exponential growth yet. In fact, batteries are limiting the progression of society more than the average person suspects. According to Moore’s law which states that computational intricacy should grow exponentially every two years, batteries fall behind. Battery technology is estimated to increase by 7% each year (Rabaey, 2009). In the book, Low Power Design Essentials, it is made evident that battery
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