The Invention Of The Television And Internet

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What exactly is remix? Remix is the creation of a new or derivative piece of art through the alteration, modification, or transformation of elements of the original. A remix is a piece of art that may have had items added, appropriated, or removed. Remix is everywhere and is nothing new in public space. People have been doing it for hundreds of years by altering paintings and other artistic art pieces. The advent of new technology and different forms of media have allowed people to remix in entirely different ways, utilizing new techniques, materials, and ideas. The popularization of the television and Internet has allowed digital forms of remix, previously impossible or only attainable for a small niche of the public. Though Banksy, Electronic Disturbance Theater, and the Yes Men group have taken advantage of digital forms of remix through different means, the Yes Men group has remixed public space the best. Artists often put their work in the public domain or space, but what exactly is that? Public space is just that, locations accessible to the public with the most general being out on the streets, places accessible or viewable to anyone without discrimination. They are visible to anyone who has the means of getting to the place, charges no fees, and is open to everyone. This type of space encompasses sides of buildings exposed to the street, parks, and open spaces such as plazas. Another type of public space includes privately owned public spaces. These types of
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