The Invention Of Thomas Edison Essay

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Imagine a world where ideas and inventions are stolen off each other with no legal consequences. Imagine a world where Samsung wasn’t sued by Apple because legally, there is no penalty for stealing designs. Imagine a world where Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Edison wasn’t famous for their inventions because someone else had stolen their ideas and created the inventions publicly first. This is what the world would have been like without the use of patents. Patents ensure that no idea is stolen, sold, or replicated without the appropriate permission. Every inventor has ad their fair share of troubling experiences with patents. However, an inventor that did not allow his dilemmas with patents stop him from achieving great things is Thomas Edison. Due to the patent process, Edison was able to succeed at a young age, own numerous inventions, competed other inventors’ patents, and inspired others to compete with his inventions to further improve technology.
Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 to a middle-class family in Milan, Ohio. His interest in gaining knowledge sprouted from a young age. At the mere age of twelve, he had expanded his reading from The History of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire to various works in practical chemistry. This intelligence and interest later motivated Edison into creating numerous inventions throughout his life time. At the young age of 16 Edison had built his own telegraph, which had already been in use for more than forty years,
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