The Invention Of Thomas Edison

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During the 1800’s, many inventions were made by Thomas Edison. He was an influential and dedicated inventor. At a young age, he gathered an abundance of information for his early inventions and because of that he quit his job to become a full-time inventor. In 1879, Edison invented electricity that created the first light bulb and also in 1877 he created the telegraph. Edison was significant for his life-changing inventions in society, that impacted others’ view of the usage, and the legacy that it still maintains. Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. He came from a family of political activist. His father was a tavern owner and land speculator that helped him lead an up rise in Ontario for representative government. His grandfather fought during the American Revolution for the British and his mother was a school-teacher. Edison was considered a slow-person at school due to him started school at the age of eight. He had a hearing problem but was not fully deaf. Edison considered being deaf was a benefit because it was an advantage of focusing and let his brain not be filled with nonsense. His mother took him out and taught him herself tremendously. She taught him the basics in order for him to catch up and his father also introduced him to a philosopher, Thomas Paine. Edison read Paine’s book and was very interested. Thomas Paine was a philosopher who influenced the American Revolution by his writings. Edison’s found Paine’s book interesting and
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