The Invention Of Thomas Edison

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Thomas Edison is probably one of the world greatest inventors and largest contributors to the modern world we live in. Think of the world where candles were used more than light bulbs and there was no way to listen to music without it being live, or watching a motion picture movie. It seems impossible to have a world without these things but if Edison did not invent the footing for these objects they might not exist. Edison one of the most accomplished inventors to ever exist, with over one thousand patents and groundbreaking inventions. Thomas Edison’s inventions have changed the world, almost 85 years after his death Thomas Edison’s inventions run our city’s lasting light bulbs to see in the dark a power grid to power our homes. Edison is probably on of the greatest inventors not because of his thousands of patents but his determination and hard work to help innovates and experiment towards a better future, and help engineer a better tomorrow. Furthermore, Thomas Edison is a great inventor because of his many amazing inventions and how the still apply to our lives today. For example, his phonograph and carbon microphone built the basis for audio recorders for music and audio for movies. Edison’s motion picture camera is used throughout the world today for filming movies and television shows and a variety of other things. Edison’s dedication to inventing solutions to relevant problems made him a great innovator then and now. Thomas Edison’s inventions have lived beyond his…
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