The Invention Of Thomas Edison

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Thomas Alva Edison, an American inventor. He is the most famous of all Americans to make a career of inventing; Edison was called the “Wizard of Menlo Park,” which was his laboratory for sometime, found in New Jersey. He was especially important for his electrical inventions. Like many inventors of his era, Edison struggled to perfect a system of electrical home lighting. He experimented with arc lighting in 1875, but became convinced that successful home lighting would have to be incandescent; that is, use a material that would glow when an electric current passed through it, but not burn in the process. (The History of the Light Bulb & Thomas A. Edison Papers) He studied earlier experiments and in 1878 announced that he had the technical problems solved and would create a practical incandescent lamp within six months. The invention of the light bulb changed the world in many ways, including facilitating the creation of large power grids, changing the social and economic structure of society and bringing other appliances into our homes. (Thomas A. Edison Papers) Although many inventors had experimented with incandescent light bulbs, Thomas Edison created the first widely distributed model in 1879. (The History of the Light Bulb) Light is a form of energy. When something burns it often gives off light energy as well as heat energy. The sun, for example, is a ball of burning gases which give off lots of light. The earliest form of light that humans used was the light created
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