The Invention Of Thomas Edison

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Thomas Edison was a great businessman who held over one thousand patents for his amazing, tremendously life changing inventions. His entrepreneurship began when he was only twelve years old, when he began to sell his self-published newspaper to the people who passed by him, at the “Grand Trunk Railroad.” At this same exact railroad, he set up a lab and began experimenting with chemicals. At the age of twenty-two he moved to New York, where he worked on his version of the stock ticker. Edison seemed to be a very jealous man, after all he did make it his point, no matter what to stop Nikola Tesla’s altering currents system. He everything from setting up “propaganda” , to starting something called the war of the currents. This means Thomas…show more content…
Thomas Edison was known for a many patented things, but was mostly know as a businessman. He improved his career and lifeworks by copying other people’s inventions and taking credit for them. For example, he never gave credit to the other twenty-two men, who had started working on the light bulb, long before he had. The only reason he was recognized for this invention, is because none of the other men were able to successfully make their ideas possible. This means that the invention that he is most popular for is a sham. In the process of stealing the patent for the lightbulb, he got himself sued. Nikola Tesla contributed the evolution of the Altering current system, that is frequently used today. As a child he would see his mother, in her spare time, work to improve various, small household utensils. Tesla moved to Budapest in his late teens/early twenties, where he temporarily worked at a telephone exchange. Not too long after this Tesla moved to America where he began working for Thomas Edison. Tesla was a man of many inventions, and also was the exporter of Thomas Edison. He was hired by Edison to work in his Manhattan headquarters, in 1884, not to long after he had moved into the united states. Many people say that Nikola Tesla was by far, more brilliant than Thomas Edison would ever be. He even “filed for seven U.S. patents in the field of polyphase AC motors and power transmission.” People believed that Thomas Edison was somewhat of the power figure in
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