The Invention of Ambulance Vehicles

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Ambulances are vehicles used for transporting a person who requires medical attention. The service of an ambulance can be to transport a person in case of an emergency to the nearest hospital or to transfer a sick or injured person between medical care institutions. Routine check-ups for patients who need to be transferred between hospitals can be done using an ambulance. They can also provide basic medical care to an injured person in case of an emergency to ensure that the person is able to cope with the pain or injuries until proper medical care from a hospital or emergency medical service is provided. Most people around the world are familiar with the concept of an ambulance and the services they provide. In most countries, ambulances are given priority on the road as, during an emergency, time is a crucial factor between life and death. The ambulance is able to portray an emergency to vehicles on the road through its use of sirens and emergency lights. Although the term ambulance is commonly used to refer to road vehicles that transport patients to hospitals in emergency situations, the term can also refer to other modes of transportation that transport patients as well, namely helicopters, boats, motorbikes or hospital ships. The origins of ambulances lie in military, which certainly carry a higher risk of getting injured as compared to civilian life. In the olden times, before modern technology, hospitals were located very close to battlefields and corpsmen were
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