The Invention of Modern Technology

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The invention of modern technology has affected the lives of individuals from the immersion and creation of the Internet to mobile devices to smart phones. It has made communication between people to people faster, more accessible, and easier. Modern technology has created the end of distance thus making the world a smaller place in terms of making connections and communication. For example, a person from the United States may connect to somebody else across the ocean with just a single phone call, a Skype or video camera meeting, a text, or even an instant message online. Distance is no longer a dilemma, a problem, and a barrier to create communication. However, it is because of such technologies, the creation of new and more advanced software has taken place. At first it was the video camera that allowed the person to take pictures and see the other person via Skype as long as both parties had the device and Internet connection. Next, computers and laptops came packaged with a built in video camera allowing for easier access and communication. However, technology has stepped up and advanced the field of communication by allowing and building video camera abilities through the smart phone like the Apple iPhone. Therefore, as long as one party as an iPhone and the other person has video camera accessibilities, they can chat and see each other when one person is on the road, and the other is stationed somewhere. As aforementioned, the distance has become increasingly smaller
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