Essay on The Invention of the Telescope

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The microscope which is invented and developed by much different scientist overtime is one of the most important tools a scientist especially in the biology and chemistry study can use. It made an impact in how we view life and learn more about the nature of diseases that had plague mankind for years. The microscope is mainly a tool biologist use but it has many uses for those studying chemistry. Life before the microscope may not seem as different as life with the microscope. But if you look at the bigger picture the microscope made an impact to the way humanity lives like other technology such as the printing press, and guns. The microscope at first was only use for scientist curiosity of what is beyond the sight of the human…show more content…
Most modern day microscopes used in labs outside of the school uses electricity and use light to help function the microscope. A scientist in Canada actually used an iPhone to see through a woman’s intestine. There was technology before the invention of the microscope in 1590, like the spectacles or the glasses, that uses lenses. There was the reading stone that helped people read reading material in the 2nd century. There are also the spectacles also known as glasses that are still used today. The first spectacle was invented by an Italian named Salvino D'Armate. The spectacle was a major invention that helped people sees well. The first actual microscope was invented by Zaccharias Janssen and his son Hand Janssen two Dutch eye glass makers. They invented both the telescope and the first microscope. Then in the 1600’s Anton van Leeuwenhoek a Dutch scientist made a microscope that allowed him to see objects one millionth of a meter. This microscope is known as the first modern microscope. This allowed Leeuwenhoek to be the first person to describe bacteria. After Leeuwenhoek invention of the microscope a couple of centuries went by without any major advancement of the microscope. But there was new discoveries made by the microscope like Robert Hooke’s discovery of the cells by studying cork using a microscope. It wasn’t till the late 1800’s where the microscope made more advances and started using new technology such as electricity. Charles A.
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