The Inventory Of Wholesale Distributors

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Wholesale distributors are usually used by the business for the special order inventory such as suits, both stock and custom ordered. This process involves Bob contacting the distributor about the order, who then must access the warehouse to receive information on whether or not the fabric or product is available for restocking purposes (See Figure 1). This allows the distributor to be certain that the stock will be available to be shipped to Bob. Independent Sales Representatives Bob has a select few independent sales representatives, such as Pat Pickle, for his higher brand inventory including Mirto and Kenneth Cole. Through this channel, Bob will usually contact the sales rep via phone or email to determine the inventory quantity…show more content…
Typically, the rentals are not sent until seven to 10 business days before the required date, to act as a buffer in case any replacement pieces are needed to be ordered. Unless the customer asks for extended rentals, they are only available to be used for the day it was scheduled and is to be returned by 1 p.m. the following business day. Once the rental is returned and received by the supplier, Bob’s account will then be charged for its rental fees plus any additional charges such as missing items, late fees, or damages. Operations Since Bob Barrett is such a small business, having only seven employees including himself (see Figure 2), the operations of the business are not very advanced. Everything from inventory, sales, scheduling, returns, transactions, etc., are done manually by the employees. There is no P.O.S. system in place, and many of the processes in the business are written manually, or filed manually. Receiving Inventory When package(s) first arrive at the store, any employee that is free at that moment will sign or accept the delivery. Once it has been accepted, the packing slip is removed from the packaging and the newly received inventory is separated and counted according to what is on the packing slip. If there are any discrepancies, then the manager or Bob is informed. When the stock is received and separated, the packing
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