The Investigation, Examining The Situation Of The Vietnam

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The investigation, examining the situation of the Vietnam War during Nixon’s presidency, that is the public’s opinions toward the war and Nixon’s attempts at addressing those opinions while limiting the influence of Communism in Vietnam, will answer the question: To what extent could Nixon have appeased the Peace movement while avoiding the fall of South Vietnam through the implementation of Vietnamization? The sources that will be evaluated are a history of the Vietnam War, which presents a comprehensive analysis on U.S intervention in the war, and an examination of international relations, which largely focuses on the 20th century and the Western World. Vietnam: A History: This source is an account of Vietnam by Stanley Karnow and…show more content…
It is valuable because Kissinger illustrates his views with intimate portraits of world leaders he encountered during his term. As Nixon’s foreign policy partner, he provides readers with first-hand observations on secret negotiations and great events. Its content reveals esoteric details about the implementation of Vietnamization and the negotiations of the Paris Peace Accords. This is shown as Kissinger recalls, “In a memorandum I sent to Nixon dated September 10, 1969...I addressed the risks of Vietnamization [...] Nixon...asked me to implement this assignment.” (Kissinger 682) However, the book is limited by Kissinger’s fascination with Nixon. In describing Nixon’s decision to undertake sole responsibility of the war as “an honorable-indeed, a highly moral and intellectually correct - decision,”(Kissinger 700) Kissinger venerates Nixon’s courage but deemphasizes the results of his decision. His opinions hinder his ability to objectively judge his efforts and produce a nonpartisan view on the effectiveness of America’s foreign policy during the Vietnam War era. 2. Investigation Reputed as America’s longest war, the Vietnam War began as a part of a wider containment policy that aimed to prevent the global spread of Communism during the Cold War. (Herring 107) Under that policy, the U.S and
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