The Investigation of the Double Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson

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The Investigation of the Double Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman As a crime scene investigator, there are duties that have to be met and a job that has to get done. Part of this job includes putting together reliable evidence, and making a list of suspects. As an investigator my job as of right now, is to find evidence to use against Orenthal James Simpson in the prosecution of the murder of his wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. On June 12, 1994, around 10:15 P.M., Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were brutally murdered at her house on 875 S. Bundy in Brentwood, California (Linder). O.J. Simpson, the ex-husband of Nicole, is our prime suspect due to the amount of…show more content…
It was then that police were called to the home and evidence started to be collected. Due to Mr. and Mrs. Simpson’s previous police record of domestic violence calls, we were in desperate need to talk to Mr. Simpson. We called Mr. Simpson shortly after he arrived at his hotel in Chicago. When we informed him of the murder of his wife, Simpson acted surprisingly calm and collected. He never asked how, where, or if there are any suspects. During his interrogation, when we asked about a cut on his hand, he claimed the cut was from golfing and that he reopened it when he smashed some glass in his hotel room (Linder). He boarded the first plane back to Los Angeles, that’s when he found us at his home conducting a full scale investigation. After we obtained enough evidence, we released a warrant for the arrest of Orenthal James Simpson. After searching the homes of O.J. Simpson and Nicole Simpson we came up with much evidence to use in prosecuting O.J. Simpson. First off, the previous history of violence in the Simpson home was considered evidence. On October 25th, 1993, Nicole called 9-1-1 asking for someone to be sent to her home, because O.J. had broken in and was violently yelling at her and banging on her bedroom door. But this was not the first case of domestic violence in their home. On January 1st, 1989, police were called to Simpson’s Rockingham address where Nicole was claiming that O.J. was saying to Nicole
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