The Invisibility Of Today 's Society

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Kyle Pifer
Professor Thompson
28 September 2015
Invisibility in Today’s Society Every day in our government there are a multitude of decisions made by our elected officials. It may appear that our country’s administration fairly represents the community, but many of the lower income citizens find themselves invisible. They find do not get to voice their opinions and they receive unequal treatment. In the current generation, it is a sad fact that money controls not only people but even the government. This leads to the lower class to get poorly represented or even misrepresented. Unfortunately, the government is a large part of everyone’s lives and many of the decisions can be viewed as questionable. From local to state, and state to federal, the rich seem to be favored. People with money have the ability to influence and retain power, and for this, elected government officials hold them to higher esteem than common people. Sometimes, this unequal hierarchy of power leads to poor judgements made. The poor decisions of the United States’ leadership has put our nation in debt, and as of January 8, 2015, the U.S. is $18.1 trillion in debt (“United States National Debt”). Invisibility hits many of the public as they try to reach out their voices to government officials. After doing so, they are only to be met with more and more questionable decisions on the government’s end regarding the well-being and representation of the lower and middle classes. Similar to…

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