The Invisibility Of Today 's Society

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Kyle Pifer Professor Thompson ENGL1020- 28 September 2015 Invisibility in Today’s Society Every day in our government there are a multitude of decisions made by our elected officials. It may appear that our country’s administration fairly represents the community, but many of the lower income citizens find themselves invisible. They find do not get to voice their opinions and they receive unequal treatment. In the current generation, it is a sad fact that money controls not only people but even the government. This leads to the lower class to get poorly represented or even misrepresented. Unfortunately, the government is a large part of everyone’s lives and many of the decisions can be viewed as questionable. From local to state, and…show more content…
No representation and even virtual representation will not work in this country. In society, the only way to have opinions heard is collectively. I urge citizens to demand that their government listen to the people. The only difference between the rich and the poor is pieces of paper. Intellect crosses class lines, and the government needs to know that. Belonging to a bourgeois family myself, I have dealt with the struggle of voicing my opinions and have actively tried to make change. If our homeland continues down this path of misrepresentation, there may perhaps be great deal of consequences our country will have to face. Our nation was built on a set of standards only to be tarnished by the corrupt ways of our administration. These ways in which the rich are favored due to the simple fact that they have money in their possession. The poor have ideas, thoughts, and feelings, too. The middle class has much of the same. It is basic human rights to be listened to and appreciated. A prodigious deal of grief must be felt for the public who just stand idle knowing that they can, in mass numbers, have their “invisibility” removed. Seeing the number of struggles through our society, we need to reflect on errors made throughout history to insure that we do not repeat those mistakes. In 2016, our nation will elect a new leader, and it is the hope of all middle to lower class Americans that this new leader will have the
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