The Invisible Empire Of The South

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Chris Folsom December 29, 2014 Facing History: KKK Persecutions “The Invisible Empire of the South” The practice of slavery has played a prominent role in American history and society. As early as 1619, our Colonial ancestors had used African slaves as a method of more efficiently harvesting crops and making a profit . The first North American colony to practice slavery was Jamestown, Virginia . John Rolfe introduced tobacco, a notoriously difficult crop to harvest, to the Virginia colony . The African workforce allowed the colony to more effectively harvest their tobacco plants and prosper . Slavery would remain a common practice in North America throughout the next three centuries . While the Northern states benefited from the advantages of a versatile, diverse economy, the Southern region remained primarily agrarian . Therefore, the necessity of slavery in the country varied disparately in the two continental regions. The South and their plantation economy depended upon slavery for a work force while the Northern economy would easily continue to flourish with its abolition. Spearheaded by William Lloyd Garrison, former slave Frederick Douglas, and Harriet Tubman, the mid-19th century abolition movement and the desire to abolish peculiar institution would eventually divide the nation . A Balkan powder keg of our own, pro/anti-slavery legislation, debates and compromises set the scene for regional division . Republican Abraham Lincoln’s presidential election in November
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