The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

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“I AM AN invisible man.” A story of obstacles of durable struggle, but hope, and everlasting search for voice in a narrow-minded society; The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison depicts the dehumanization and feeling of being ostracized in society, of one man. Imagine a time when everyone you encounter have a racial thought or credibility toward your own races, never considering the fact that who you are as a person does not matter worth a dime. You are better determines on shade of your skin which hide your voice effectively towards America. Finding a grinning face on a black male face is rare occasion back then probably invisible to the naked eye. Ralph Ellison in the invisible man uses character development and voice to describe the blindness and invisibility the protagonist feels but the larger motif Ellison alludes to in society. The challenges that are faced through the eyes of the narrator of The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison give’s the audience the outlook of a man’s struggle to find a place in society where he no longer feels invisible. To begin with, The Invisible Man’s impact to society’s outlook towards African-American’s brought to light how society impacts individuals and how they each see the world. The Invisible Man prompts the world with idealistic thoughts that goes throughout or forceful matters in literacy. To put it another way “The book was called "Black Fiction" (Rosenblatt), Ellison was only 39 when the first-person narrative became the bestseller

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