The Involvement Fair At The Temple Street

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Starting with the Involvement Fair at the Temple Street, thanks to Professor Michele and Tamara, I would not know the existence of this fair without them. It was a beginning of my college life and I could say it was an interesting experience. I became so greedy that I want to join all of them because my goal for the whole four years of college is joining a lot of clubs in order to meet more people and have more experiences. Suffolk University gives me so many opportunities and it is completely different from my high school. I did sign up for many clubs such as UNICEF, VSA, photography club and Women in Business. Nevertheless, I only joined Vietnamese Student Organization which I got invited by an old friend from my high school in Vietnam.…show more content…
Moreover, Daniele gave me a wider view into the world of internship. Before that class, all I thought for my summer is going back to Vietnam for relaxing and chilling after a year of hard working. Nonetheless, after meeting with Daniele in class, all I think currently are applying for an internship and studying abroad in Japan, China or London.
Before entering college, I have never done any survey that could point out my strengths. However, currently I know what my five strengths are and I am trying to focus on it to make it more powerful and useful. Five of my strengths are restorative, includer, consistency, responsibility and positivity. I do not know it is exactly right for me and it also depends on the situation. At the moment, I found out that four of the strengths are true to me, however, positivity, it does have it in my blood but if I am on a deadline for assignment and I have not finished it, I would not be positivity.
EquiCup is an official name for our product and it was invented from WetWorks Co.Ltd. WetWorks worked really well together and I could tell how useful the strengths survey is. Throughout the working time with SBS group and ENT group, I finally realize these are actually my real strengths. As I said, I like to analyze problems, identify the wrong and find the
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