The Involvement Fair At The Temple Street

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Starting with the Involvement Fair at the Temple Street, thanks to Professor Michele and Tamara, I would not know the existence of this fair without them. It was a beginning of my college life and I could say it was an interesting experience. I became so greedy that I want to join all of them because my goal for the whole four years of college is joining a lot of clubs in order to meet more people and have more experiences. Suffolk University gives me so many opportunities and it is completely different from my high school. I did sign up for many clubs such as UNICEF, VSA, photography club and Women in Business. Nevertheless, I only joined Vietnamese Student Organization which I got invited by an old friend from my high school in Vietnam. She is currently the president and encouraged me to the Executive Board. I am one of the representative of the club.
In the begining of the year, I was considering between Entrepreneur and Global Business major. After knowing that Tamara is majoring in Global Bussines and Marketing, I set on my mind that I had to meet with her once in life. It happened and it was so helpful. She told me to change to Global Business and Marketing based on what I told her about my strength and also on my logo design. Tamara also suggested me to meet with Jack Shield from Undergraduate Advising Office in order to create my four year of college plan. Additionally, I learnt a lot from Jack Shield when he visited the class and talked about the Program…

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