The Involvement Of Boko Haram

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Intimidation is a strategy aimed at convincing the population that the government is too weak to stop them and thus, forces the populous to comply as the terrorist organization wishes. This strategy has been utilized to aide recruitment. Boko Haram began to receive attention in 2003 when it launched attacks against police stations. The organization continued to attack police stations for a few years, primarily to steal arms and ammunition, but also because they understood that these were targets with high success rates. Not only did these targets provide weapons for Boko Haram, but it also increased their recruitment, due to the government 's inability to suppress the attacks. This strategy proved that the group was strong enough to repress the government and work towards achieving a goal of a traditional Muslim society (Elkaim).
Historically, kidnapping has shown to provide significant financial resources for perpetrators. Furthermore, unlike hostage taking, does not limit the perpetrators options, is generally not public, and compels the third party to act in their favor. This is a strategy often utilized, successfully, by Boko Haram. The U.S. has estimated that they have received nearly 1 million a year from ransoms (threat report). Kidnapping is not only used as a financial mechanism for Boko Haram, but rather a strategy to advance their goals in all areas. It has been over two years and most of the Chibok schoolgirls, kidnapped by Boko Haram, are still missing. Boko
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