The Involvement Of Psychologists And The American Psychological Association 's Code Of Conduct

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In my analysis paper I will be discussing the issues in the involvement of psychologists in interrogations. Many of the current issues resort to an ethical or unethical question in regards of the American Psychological Association’s Code of Conduct. Are the practices of using inhumane techniques to gain enemy intelligence ethical or unethical? The use of psychologists in military interrogations has led to crossing the lines of being inhumane, which is against the Code of Conduct. This has been explained in many incidents in today’s interrogations against foreign enemies and detainees. The current controversy of this issue is not only a debate psychologically, but this also involves the government and politics surrounding the issue. There is no middle to this issue, either ethical or unethical. I have included opinions from well-known psychologists and important information in regards of this issue. The conclusion will discuss if the issue has helped or hindered the study of psychology.

Imagine yourself in this situation, you are being sent to a unnamed location in support of a military organization and the CIA to gather intelligence from a captured enemy that has just caused a death of an American citizen. You understand the rules regarding your position as a psychologist and you strive to stay faithful. You begin interrogating this individual to gather information that is pertinent for the situation, the enemy is uncompliant, not listening to a question you ask or…
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