The Involvement of War in British Literature

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Kimberley Johnson creates an article about the angel, Raphael, which was to send a message to Adam and Eve, warning about the temptation of Satan during the war between God and Satan. Raphael failed to have the human race receive the message for Raphael stopped one of Satan’s demons and the war between God and Satan continues which is refers to the War of Heaven. Johnson implies that, “The sweeping war epic Raphael tells in Book 6 stands in direct opposition to Michael’s counsel not to imagine the battle between good and evil as a duel, and it also contradicts the narrative priorities that Milton himself lays out at the beginning of Book 9” (Johnson 213). This passage in Johnson’s article explains that Milton intentions of creating the …show more content…
They say that fear is the true outcome from war neurosis instead of terror and hysteria. The history of war in British literature involves in the book, Culture in Camouflage: War, Empire, And Modern British Literature. The book, Culture In Camouflage: War, Empire, And Modern British Literature, is written by John Howard Wilson remaps the history of British war culture by insisting on the centrality and importance of the literature of the Second World War. Wilson speaks of a great British narrator, Patrick Deer, who opinionates that “‘the emergence of modern war culture’ and argues that ‘war writers challenged the dominant narratives and imaginaries projected by an enormously powerful and persuasive mass media and culture industry’” (Wilson). Writers of war involve culture and mass media in their stories to give it a more dominant narrative. Wilson has Deer conclude, “the experience of Britain during the Second World War reveals that modern war culture is self-perpetuating and self-replicating: it normalizes and naturalizes a state of war.” (Wilson). Deer explains that world war two is replicating to the past wars in history and that war has a natural and normal state that every war has or goes through. Deer claims that, “the culture went into camouflage to fight the wars, and the writers
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