The Involvement of the Cold War in Guatemala Conflict

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“A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death” . This quote was said in 1962 by John F. Kennedy as his description of the Cold War. The Cold War is often described as a state of political tension and military rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union from 1945 to 1991. It is therefore known by many people that the Cold War started and ended in Europe . However one must remember that many other countries around the world were also affected by the Cold War. Consequently instead of examining the argument that the Cold War did not involve countries in the Third World this essay will hence show how the Cold War did in fact involve countries of the ‘Third World’. The word ‘involve’ here means to be part of or included in the Cold War. The term ‘Third World’ came about during the Cold War, to mainly define countries that remained unconnected to either NATO, which included the United States, the Western European countries and their allies representing the First World or the Soviet Bloc, including the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China, Cuba and their allies representing the Second World . Therefore, this essay will be divided into three main parts. To further understand the involvement of the Cold War in the Third world this essay will analyse incidents that occurred in three different countries around the world. One must first analyse the impact and the relationship of the Congo Crisis and the Cold War.

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