The Iot Will Create Unique Circumstances In The Already

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The IoT will create unique circumstances in the already established digital forensic process. Trained, qualified professions execute digital forensic investigations with the assistance of tools and techniques to acquire and analyze data. These tools are carefully tested and reviewed by peers and experts before use in the field, to ensure the evidence collected with these tools will be accepted in a court of law. "Among the existing methodologies are the 4-stage Computer Forensic Investigative Process and the 13-stage Extended Model of Cybercrime Investigation" (Oriwoh 609). These methods outline the basic procedure for preparing, examining, presenting, and storing the evidence. IoT investigations will differ in the breadth, and technical…show more content…
However, with unusual devices like baby monitors, bespoke methods may have to be developed for retrieving the data they hold, especially if the interfaces available are not among the usual types (USB or Ethernet)" (Oriwoh 614). The author brings up an excellent point here and points out why preparation is so important. Individual IoT devices may require investigators to improvise, as devices such as dishwashers and toasters were not made with forensic uses in mind. They are not designed for data acquisition and may be nearly impossible to image without extremely specialized tools, which investigators may not have available for use at that time. Another reason why the preparation stage is so crucial. Once the acquisition phase is fully complete, investigators must move to the next stage. After the evidence has been collected, investigators must conduct an analysis of the recovered evidence. Investigators "will follow typical steps as recommended in any scenario... except of course in situations where the technology before the investigators is new and specialist tools are required e.g. a smart fridge with sensors attached. In this case, seizure and data acquisition methods might be slightly different" (Oriwoh 614). This phase may also prove challenging for investigators, as they must decide what is relevant evidence throughout the entire collection of IoT data, which could be Terabytes
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