The Iowa Western Community College Softball Program

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As a leader, I will strive to obtain a high degree of athletic, mental, and personal development for my student athletes and endeavor to be instrumental in their goals. I will continue to empower them to be young, idealistic leaders not only on the field, but in the community by asserting respect and empathy for others and maintaining strong academic success while pursuing competitive objectives.

The Iowa Western Community College Softball program strongly relies on integrity on the field as well as in the classroom. Because junior college student-athletes are required to have an Associate’s Degree to move on to Division-I colleges, it is imperative that they focus on strong academic success. By focusing on academics, our work ethics can be greatly amplified by understanding that academics come first. As a coach for the Reiver softball team, I also believe that by showing compassion for others, common goals can be achieved even through competitive sport. Through my personal integrity, I show that each student-athlete’s competitive objectives are attainable through humbleness and modesty. Through a high degree of athletic ability, the team members will maintain a strong work ethic both mentally and physically to provide successes on the field. In doing so, the empowerment of their successes will help them to strive to be leaders in the community.

In years to come, I believe that Iowa Western Community College Softball will become a leading athletic program

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