The Ipad, Made By The Company Apple Inc.

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The iPad, made by the company Apple Inc., is one of the most popular devices on the market and has been for several years, ever since the first edition came out. A lot of key factors are involved in the production and consumption of the iPad. There are specific materials used to create the iPad that come from specific places and people. Of course, everything produced will eventually be made into waste one day, as well. Waste is another part of the history of iPads. Where does the waste go, and to what degree do iPad’s contribute to e-waste? These processes and questions are to all be talked about in the following paragraphs. As we look into the production and consumption history of iPads, it’s always important to remember that, no matter…show more content…
The other parts suspected to be part of these “rare-earth materials” are the display of colors used in the iPad, neodymium alloy in the magnets along the side of the iPad, and the cerium oxide used to polish the electronic glass. The article suggests that the materials come from a pit mine in China that’s actually stirred up some controversy. President Obama stated his concerns with China through the World Trade Organization, fearing the shortage of rare earth materials if this pit mine were to continue being used. Many times the working conditions for the Apples factories in China have been compared to “modern-day sweatshops”. In reality, it’s just about the closest the U.S. has gotten to allowing sweatshops to exist since the first piece of legislation eradicating sweatshop conditions was passed in 1997. Apple workers keep silent, in fear for their safety, as well as the safety of their families. A huge shadow is cast over the Chinese Apple Inc. factories in hopes that Apple consumers will continue to live in enough ignorance to purchase their products. The fact of the matter is, these issues are becoming more prominent, and people are starting to investigate. There’s numerous articles written on this issue. An article that stood out among the rest was written about a girl who attempted to commit suicide, in order to free herself from the slave labor she was ultimately being forced into. Her name was Tian Yu, and
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