The Ipcc On The Climate Change

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1. What is this report about?
The IPCC Summary for Policymakers 2014 assesses the impacts of climate change worldwide. The IPCC Summary for Policymakers provides policy makers an overview of what needs to be reviewed, further aiding them in creating policies to better manage and reduce the impact of climate change. The report provides prospective related to how changes through adaptation and mitigation can benefit the impact on climate change. Furthermore the report evaluates what needs to change, the options available to make the changes, and it provides prospects as well as restrictions and limits impeding change.
2. What climate change vulnerabilities are identified for your region? The vulnerabilities are shown above for North America. Living in Tampa, FL I conclude from this and from the knowledge I have regarding my state, that the biggest threat would be from rising waters and flooding due to extreme weather. This is prevalent in Florida due to the state being so close to sea level. Watching the news recently the world has been able to see the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in the coastal areas of Florida and the other southern states, as well as Haiti. This I imagine is a result of climate change.
3. Did they surprise you? Why or why not?
I am not surprised by the results of the graph above, as I know the majority of the human race states they are concerned with climate change however has no regard for the implications of their actions and how even the
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