The Iphone 1 : 7

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The iPhone 7
Since Apple introduced the iPhone 1 on January 9, 2007, it has been 9 years. Within the 9 years, cell phone industry has change dramatically. New features, new ideals, and new applications are made every day by engineers and programmers. To some, some of these changes are good, but some are bad. However, there is no doubt that iPhone has changed the way we communicate with others and has changed the way we do things on day to day bases. In the year of 2016, Apple introduced the brand new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus with extraordinary features and power. In this essay, one will be discussing the beautiful display, the magnificent camera, and the powerful hardware upgrade on the all new iPhone 7.
First of all, the retina HD display on iPhone 7 is more than extraordinary and diligent. Back in 1981, IBM PC introduced the “directly attached monochrome video display standard that rivaled a video terminal in sharpness” (Beni Edwards), followed by “EGA display which had higher resolutions, and more color.” (Beni Edwards) Various third-party companies competed with it in the 80s, but non won out as IBM’s did. Today, Apple introduces iPhone 7 with a screen that has a 326 ppi wide-color-gamut display providing wider light spectrum and 25% brighter than the earlier generations. When you look at the photos, messages, news, and countless other things, iPhone 7 gives you the cinema experience at any time. With the astonishing display on iPhone 7, “more shades of the colour
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