The Iphone And Its Evolution

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The iPhone And Its Evolution Imagine a world without iPhones, what would it be like? Over the past seven years, the iPhone has gone through many transformations becoming one of the most popular cell phones in the United States and the world. The iPhone has changed the smart phone market. Nearly 25% of people in the U.S. have an iPhone. The iPhone has changed a lot over the last seven years, gaining more powerful processors, improved screens and better cameras. The iPhone has created many new industries due to its technological advancements. The first iPhone was created in 2007. When Apple released the iPhone it was a success. All of the Apple stores were flooded with people, many stores reported stock shortages. In the year 2007, 1.4 million iPhones were sold. In 2008, iPhone sales grew to more than 11.5. By the fiscal year of 2011, 18.65 million iPhones were sold worldwide. According to Olson from Forbes Magazine “Apple crushed expectations for its first quarter of fiscal 2015, selling a remarkable 74.6 million iPhones and earning $18 billion in net profit.” The iPhone set a new standard in the amount of cell phones sold. Many people like and dislike the iPhone. As mentioned in the iPhone 6 Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks Magazine, “People like the iPhone because it is less likely to get viruses or hacked into, it is more user friendly than other cellphones and has a better operating system than the other competitors.” Some dislikes were that the iPhone was only sold at
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