The Iphone Of The Apple Iphone

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Since the begin of the 20th century, cell phones have monopolized the technology industry. Cell phone companies are constantly battling with each another, in order to stay at the peak of the market. Apple, one of the biggest phone companies in the world, has continuously prospered by successfully putting out extravagant phones year after year. The iPhone is one of the most prominent cell phones available right now. In a recent poll according to, “48 % of people prefer the Apple iPhone over other company devices.” The Apple iPhone is one of the best cellular devices on the market because of its unprecedented camera quality, unparalleled architecture, prodigious software integration and ability to be compatible with other devices.
First, one reason that the Apple iPhone is an exemplary phone is that it has extraordinary camera qualities. The phone comes with a 12-megapixel camera, which is better quality than almost any phone on the market. According to, “the phone shoots 4K video and is equipped with auto image stabilization.” When taking pictures or videos with the camera, I noticed that the display was very vivid and eloquent compared to other phones I received in the past. For example, I would record different nature surroundings, such as trees, flowers and butterflies. I observed that the camera showed striking details that made the environment much more intriguing. The phone also has an amazing panorama feature incorporated into it. The user

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