The Iphone Of The Smartphone Market

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Throughout this essay I will explain why I believe that over time the smartphone market will become much more focused on the platform of which the devices are built around and less focused on the actual hardware of the phones. I will be explaining these points based on my understanding of economics thus far in my studies as well as researching to find points to support my arguments I put forward throughout the essay. The smartphone market is currently being dominated by many firms making this a monopolistic competitive market. The market became very popular in 2007 when Apple who, in August 2015, was recorded with a market share of 13.9% (IDC: Smartphone vendor market share) brought out the iPhone. Apples biggest rival is Samsung and Samsung was recorded with a market share of 21.4% at the same time who currently is the leader of the worldwide market. Google created the Android operating system (OS) in which Samsung currently uses. However, Samsung is not the only firm that uses Android OS as the platform for their smartphones, Google provides the operating system to other firms such as LG, HTC and Motorola. The reason I believe that the smartphone market is beginning to focus more on software than hardware is because Apples (iOS) and Google’s (Androis OS) software 's today both have a great deal of product differentiation, there are several features and applications accessible on iPhones iOS that are not accessible on Androids software. This has meant that over the years,
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