The Ipip Narrative Report Is Based On The Five Broad Personality Traits

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The IPIP Narrative Report is based on the five broad personality traits of the five-factor model. Using this model, I will be able to understand my strengths and weaknesses as a leader to my subordinates. I am an in-between an introvert and an extrovert. I prefer not to draw attention to myself, but rather have individuals approach me first. Those who decide to approach me will quickly realize I am quite pleasant. I also have high self-discipline and efficacy, which is linked to high intelligence and achieving greater levels of success. This is beneficial for increasing self-competence to contribute to an expert on a task to accomplishing a mission. On the downside, I have a high level of anxiety and self-conscious. Apparently, I am…show more content…
Although having a high level of conscientiousness is beneficial for my followers because they will see as a responsible person and me as hardworking. Unfortunately, conscientiousness contributes the negative effects of being a dutiful leader. The common theme amongst my feedback I received from my superiors, peers, and subordinates see that I am a dedicated, hardworking individual. They are impressed with my work ethic for the gymnastics team and in academics. One issue I see with my leadership skills provided from my feedback, is I sometimes can become frustrated and angry when things do not go as planned. My superiors notice that I am responsible and lead by example with the hard work I put in the gym, but acknowledge I can get angry a little too much at times. Apparently some anger shows that I do care about what I am doing, but too much can result in me being less influential to strive others for greatness. This is the most helpful feedback I received, I had no idea the amount of people I influence on a daily basis with my expression anger through bodily language and vocally. According to my superiors, I can increase my effectiveness in influencing others by teaching others how to do well in school. They know that I am an anomaly because I have a higher cumulative grade point average at USAFA than I did in high school. They say I am capable of reaching a higher level of leadership as long as I begin to

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