The Ipod : A Product Of Globalization

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Nov 24th, 2014
Andrea Rivero
INR 3011

The 32 GB iPod video as a product of globalization

The iPod, an mp3 player created by Apple Inc, is a product that exemplifies the impact and consequences of globalization in the economic and social aspect. The economy globalization, seen as the “intensification and stretching of economic connections across the world”, has shaped markets and political relations between countries (Snarr 37). On the other hand, cultural globalization has connected societies to the point where it cannot be said that a society is completely isolated and has uninfluenced from others (Steger 2012). In this paper, the iPod’s creation and development will be explained, its relation to integration of markets, the demographics and pay difference of manpower between countries, and the impact of the iPod in the integration of societies.
Apple is a multinational company that currently exemplifies the power and development of globalization in the 21st century. Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs in California founded Apple, previously called Apple Computer, in 1976. From that time until 2001, they designed and manufactured a few versions of the Mac computer. It wasn’t until 2001 that Apple introduced the iPod, a “palm-sized, hard-drive-based digital music player” (Reuters 2011). The iPod was the first gadget to incorporate a small enough driver that would fit in a compact device; the front wheel-shaped controller was also an innovation (Dedrick, et al). Since the iPod
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