The Ipod and Spotify

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Sound and Audio Engineering
Unit FND 100: Foundation Course
FND 100.2 Essay

Student Name: Fin Sheffield
Date : 25/9/2012
Unit Lecturer: Tasnim Saleh

The media industry has changed in the past twenty years in so many ways, most for the better but, in some cases, for negative reasons. Since the late 1990’s, society has witnessed the blow up of the internet allowing people from all over the world to access and research many different things, the influx of mobile phones and the advantage it has had on the people, the many different game consoles around and other things such as the transition between VHS to DVD’s and the introduction of BluRay and Bluetooth.
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It has been said that Lady Gaga’s song Poker face was played over 1 million times and she earned a total of $167, so the unknown artist will get next to nothing”.

The iPod has enhanced the music industry in so many ways. It can be said that the iPod is the greatest and most popular music playing device to have ever been made. If you own a iPod you will know that you can get unlimited digital music, films and apps, some for free and some for a little price. The good thing about it is that if you only like one song in the album you can buy just that one song, instead of having to the whole album. The iPod is a MP3 product which allows you to download the song of your choice from any site and still be able to play it through the iPod. An iPod can be used for more than just music. It can also be utilized to play games, listen to audio books, watch films, and recorded transcripts. Anything audio (and usually visual) can be played on the iPad. There are many different models of iPods, including the “Classic”, the “iTouch” and the “Nano”. All include individual features of their own. One of the iPod’s great advantages is that it is mobile and is used by many people on the move from businessmen to school children.

Even though the iPod may have some quite amazing qualities, it also has a severe downside, which mainly affect the profits of the audio and visual media industries. These centre
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