The Iran-Contra Scandal

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Introduction The Iran-Contra Scandal occurred on the (insert specific dates) in the midst of the cold war. Oliver North, a member of the National Security Council of the United States, was accused of diverting money from weapon sales in Iran to support the Contras in Central America. Provide context of central America, how this was exposed, what happened to north, specific trial stuff, talk about the cold war/tensions… state thesis at end of sentence, state arguments, conclude. Main Argument 1 The intent of the Boland Amendment was to prohibit the use of United States funds to support the Contra-revolutionaries in Nicaragua. The precise wording of the Boland Amendment is: During the fiscal year 1985, no funds available to the…show more content…
No one can say that North is unpatriotic. Even Representative Lee Hamilton, the opposition for his trial, said “I do not have any doubts at all, Colonel North, that you are a patriot. There are many patriots in the country and many forms of patriotism. For you, patriotism rests in the conduct of deeds, some requiring great personal courage, to free hostages and to fight communism.” Even President Reagan himself stated that “[Oliver North] has proven to be an outstanding American patriot” in a 1985 letter. North will do anything to protect his country, his beloved America. He even carried suicide pills on a mission to Tehran in case he was captured; he announced his willingness to die for his country. All actions taken by North during the Iran Contra Affair was undertaken to defend the United States. Furthermore, Oliver North was legally fulfilling his ambition of protection because he was only following instructions handed down by his superiors. There is no criminal intent in his actions, only a need to defend his country. President Ronald Reagan stated that he wanted to keep the contras going “body and soul”. He wanted to keep the Contras together as a fighting force in the field until Congress resumed funding and to keep them together as a viable political opposition. Additionally, North was only following the chain of command. Orders originated from the
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