The Iran Hostage Crisis And The United States

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I. Introduction “WELCOME BACK TO FREEDOM,” a sign is held up as the remaining hostages climb out of the plane on American soil. The Iran Hostage Crisis included Iranian students holding Americans hostage. Fifty-two American hostages were held in the United States Embassy in Tehran for 444 days. The 444 day hostage crisis lasted from November 1979 to January 1981. There are different reasons why the Iran Hostage Crisis could have happened. The actions and inactions of the United States’ government are to blame for the Iran Hostage Crisis because the United States allowed the Shah to obtain medical treatment, President Carter’s response to the crisis, and the U.S. involvement with Iran before the crisis. The Shah’s medical treatment in the United States created great hatred from Iranians toward the Shah and the United States. Many of President Carter’s decisions angered Iranians and is a cause of the Iran Hostage Crisis. There were many problems before the Iran Hostage Crisis between the United States and Iran. There was the Iran Revolution, the overthrowing of the Shah, and the political right that were sent to the Shah. II. Background The Iran Hostage Crisis began on November 4, 1979, and ended on January 20 1981, a span of 444 days. A total of sixty-six hostages were taken in the American Embassy in Iran. After a short period of time the Iranian students released fifteen hostages (“Iran Hostage Crisis” United). The hostages were kept in the American Embassy located in
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