The Iran Hostage Crisis

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Iran Hostage Crisis There has been a great deal of tension that has lasted many decades between the United States. From November 1979 to January 1981 a diplomatic event occurred between these two countries which came to be known as the Iran Hostage Crisis. In Teheran, Iran on November 4, 1979, a group known as Imam's Disciples stormed the American Embassy and captured a number of U.S. Citizens and held them hostage. In total they captured sixty-six U.S. citizens and diplomats however some of these individuals were released shortly after including the women in the group. The remaining fifty-one people remained under gunpoint in the embassy for exactly 444 days. Another prisoner was also later released from the group of fifty-one due to an illness. Many attribute the tensions that led to this event to the 1953 British and U.S. led effort that deposed the democratically-elected government of Mossadegh. This effort was led by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which was known as codenamed Operation Ajax. The democratically elected leader was ousted by military force and a Shah was established who represented an absolute monarch. The agreement between the U.S. and the Shah consisted of military and economic support to Iran while the U.S. would receive a continuous supply of oil. Because of this agreement the Shah's acquired wealth and power which caused significant contempt among the Iranian people; especially those who enjoyed the democratic political system that was
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