The Iran Hostage Crisis : The Causes Of The Iran Hostage Crisis

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The Iran Hostage Crisis
November 4, 1979, is remembered by lots of people, probably because it was in their lifetime that it happened, it's when sixty-six people were taken hostage at the U.S Embassy in Tehran, this was called The Iran Hostage Crisis, and it was only the start. The Iran Hostage Crisis was truly a tragedy, people didn’t know if they would come home, would they see their families again, would they get out of this alive, and if they did, when would they be released. The tragedy happened while Jimmy Carter was in presidency. Which as some people say caused him to lose the election.
It all started November 4, 1979, in the U.S Embassy. Iranian students rushed into the U.S Embassy taking sixty-three people hostage and later three more people were captured at the Iranian foreign ministry and taken hostage. Thus sixty-six people were taken hostage that day. Thirteen days later Ayatollah ordered them to release thirteen out of the sixty-six hostages to be freed, and one person got released because of a medical condition, which left fifty-two people to be held hostage. Instead of moving the location of where they were being held they all stayed hostage at the U.S Embassy.
Six people were able to escape from being held, hostage. Robert Anders, Mark J. Lijek, Cora A. Lijek, Henry L. Schatz, Joseph D. Stafford, and Kathleen F. Stafford were all the escapees. They were able to escape because of a Canadian diplomat John Sheardown, who let them hide out in his home, under
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