The Iranian Hostage Crisis And America 's First Encounter With Radical Islam

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The 1970s is described as the Era of Limits, a decade when Americans were criticized for being self-absorbed. However, in 1979, American anxiety and the public concern towards the impact of the rise of radical Islam tends to contradict the claim of the widespread selfishness amongst the American people. The Iranian hostage crisis, which lasted for four hundred and forty days, from 1979 to 1981, was a defining moment in the history of United States and Iran’s relations. David Farber, in his book, Taken Hostage: The Iran Hostage Crisis and America 's First Encounter with Radical Islam, narrates a detailed account of this relations in five insightful chapters. He concentrates on the emergence of radical Islamic fundamentalism led by Ayatollah…show more content…
The embargo of oil shipments to the United States by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) resulted in a widespread national energy crisis which, to some degree, created the economic downturn. The foundation of the Iranian hostage crisis had its origins in the longstanding United States support of the Shah. This consequently built social and political resentment in the Islamic world and forced America to confront militant Islam for the first time. In the 70s, the United States was often criticized for using its economic and military power to exert control over the affairs of other nations in its persistent quest for international power and wealth, which was supposed to prevent the expansion of communism during the Cold War. The events that led to the Iranian hostage crisis can attest to those charges. The United States was forced to confront radical Islam for the first when the U.S embassy was captured on November 4, 1979 by Iranian militants. Sixty-six Americans were held captive; however, six Americans managed to escape and went into hiding, thus beginning the Iran hostage crisis that alarmed the American public for four hundred and forty days. For the United States, this was noticeable the beginning of the hostage crisis, but to the Iranian militant students, the beginning of the hostage crisis traced back to the 1953 U.S. aided and abetted coup d
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