The Iranian Hostage Crisis And The Formation Of The Social Identity Of Radical Islamic Extremists

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War of Words: The Effect of the Media on the Iranian Hostage Crisis and the Formation of the Social Identity of Radical Islamic Extremists

Katherine Brislin
HST 111
Pr. Fought
April 18, 2015
On November 4, 1979, a group of five-hundred Iranian student protesters and members of the Muslim Student Followers of the Imam 's Line raided and overtook the United States Embassy in Tehran, taking sixty-six Americans captive. Of the more than sixty hostages, only fourteen were released quickly, leaving about fifty-two Americans held as prisoners for the remainder of the crisis. Both the then President of the United States, President Jimmy Carter, and the Iranian demonstrators initially believed that the situation in
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Although, the demonstrators were not only supporting the overthrow of American influences and their overstepping of boundaries in Iran, but also in actuality supporting the Iranian Revolution and the Islamic Revival throughout the Muslim World. The United States, who for years had played a significant role in Iran’s political and economic affairs, despite supporting and economizing off of core values that the Iranian and Islamic community believed to be immoral and corrupt, as well as planning secret missions to overthrow Iranian politicians for economic gain, had actually given Iran a long list of reasons to expel them and their influences from their social and political sphere, unlike the otherwise simplified reasons presented to the American people through the media. The Iran Hostage Crisis not only represents the first real conflict that the United States of America had with radical Islamic militants, but shows the great influence that the media has on portraying and forming the social identity of various peoples and historical events in the minds of its viewers. It also shows how the media can be used to manipulate the public 's minds through the creation and use of propaganda to change the course of history and to in turn benefit itself as a country. In order to better understand how skewed the depiction of the events in Tehran were in the media, it
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