The Iranian Revolution Of Iran

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Just months after a radical revolution upset the regime of the Iranian Shah and shook up the balance of power in Iran, Iraq invaded Iran and sparked an eight year long war that would set the tone for future relations within the region. Yet, why did this war begin? Overall, the Iranian Revolution was an unprecedented upheaval that catastrophically changed the environment of the Arab Gulf region. Unsatisfied and displeased with the pro-Western Iranian Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the population of Iran began widespread anti -Western demonstrations and strikes against the Shah’s government. Advocating for an independent culture from Western ‘colonial’ influence, an escape from the tyranny of the Shah, independence from non-believers, and a legal and societal union with Sharia Law, the Iranian Revolutionaries sought to make Iran a dominant force and cultural leader among its neighbors. Reaching its peak in the late 1970’s, the Shah was exiled at the end of the Iranian Revolution and in his place the Supreme Ruler, Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini became the head of the new Iranian Islamic Republic in December of 1979.
This sudden rise and shift of ideology was not well received by many within the region, especially by Iran’s largest neighbor, Iraq and its leader Saddam Hussein. Saddam did not welcome the ideals and new order of government so prominently displayed in the Iran. The Iranian Revolution’s encouragement of a new societal order within its border directly contradicted
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