The Iranian Revolution Of Iran

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To be able to clearly answer the question on whether the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a curious hybrid of authoritarian, theocratic and democratic elements on must define each of the forms of government and compare them to the Iranian system of governance, also to explore the Iranian constitution and make arguments and base an opinion on the findings, This essay will be looking to analyse the Iranian constitution and set out to either question the statement made by Francis Fukuyama or argue a case for it. This essay will also compare the Iranian constitution to that of other states to fully get a grasp of the Iranian system of governance and its many levels. The Iranian revolution of 1979 is maybe the most significant…show more content…
Khomeini became the new leader of Iran. With the change of leadership and system of governance came also a new constitution based on Islamic codes and law. (w.l.cleveland, M,bunton, A, history of the modern middleast, p.432) What led to the establishment of the Islamic order in Iran started with a national referendum in of march 1979 that approved of the replacement of the monarchy and the establishment of a Islamic Republic, in the beginning there was a struggle to find a constitutional definition of the term Islamic republic, when put forth to the assembly Khomeini personally addressed the assembly stating that the constitution should be based “one hundred percent on Islam”. (w.l.cleveland, M,bunton, A, history of the modern middleast, p.432) The Islamic Republic of Iran passed the new constitution on October 24, 1979 which replaced the previous constitution of 1906. The constitution came into effect on December 3, 1979 and was adopted by referendum. The new constitution was made up from the teachings of Quran and hadith while implementing the Islamic Law- shariah and was outlined by Iranian Islamic scholar, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei. So how does the constitution outline power positions and to whom belongs what duties. The Iranian political system is based
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