The Iraq And Iran War

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The Iraq and Iran war in 1980 through 1988 started on September 22, 1980, which resulted in an 8 year war, 500,000 casualties, $600 billion debt accumulated, and many more factors. The Iraq and Iran war strained Iraq’s political, and social life. Also put Iraq’s economy into severe conditions. The 1980, 8 year war between Iraq and Iran was fueled by many factors including border disputes (geographical and economical), and Iraq’s new dictator Saddam Hussein (political). Saddam Hussein feared that the new Iranian leadership would threaten Iraq’s Sunni Shia, and the minimal access to the Persian Gulf. The war was multifaceted and had many religious schisms, political differences, border disputes, ethnic disputes and a very personal fight between Saddam Hussein and Ayatollah Khomeini. Iraq launched the war in effort to strengthen the rising power in Iraq, and to replace Iran as the dominant Persian Gulf State. The most important factor to this war was the fight over the Shatt al-Arab waterway. The fight over the waterway goes all the way back into the 7th century. Having said that, Iraq’s leader, Saddam Hussein had large aspirations which included expanding his country, and become the leading nation in the Middle East. Becoming the leading nation in the Middle East required accomplishing the attack on Iran, gaining more oil fields, the Shatt Al Arab (a waterway) and getting more power and land. Furthermore, in the months that lead up to the start of the war, Iraq was getting…

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