The Iraq Iran War And State Security

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The Iraq-Iran War and State Security With Iraq initiating the conflict, with its declaration of war on September 22, 1980 and the subsequent invasion of the Khuzestan province, they will be treated as the aggressor. Therefore the theoretical framework will revolve predominantly around Iraq. With this Posen’s components of the security dilemma will be used as the building blocks for state security’s explanation of the conflict, beginning with the indistinguishability of offense and defense. As previously stated, determining the motives or intentions of states are difficult and near impossible to do with any certainty. Iraq would make their intentions known with the psychological and material actions of the Ba’athist party and Saddam Hussein. It is important to once again look briefly look at previous actions to attempt a dissection. From 1974-1978 the Kurds in Northern Iraq were revolting against Ba’athist rule, as they were being terrorized and displaced during the military crackdown. Despite Iran’s inability to determine the motivation behind Iraq’s actions, and the potential effect on their state, they decide to take action. The attacks on the Kurds were viewed as an attempt at a power build-up, through their attempt to push Kurds out of Iraq into lower Iran. Iran viewed this as an attempt to strain their government and resources with the forced exile of an unwanted faction of their country. In an attempt to protect their interests and procure a secure state, Iran sends

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