The Iraq War: Nothing to Win and Everything to Lose Essay

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America is under attack, not necessarily from an enemy in a faraway land, but by our own government. In the current year 2010, almost 7 years after shock and awe mission that officially started the war in Iraq, the U.S. government fails to acknowledge that our efforts in the Middle East have plagued, and that it is time to bring our troops home. The surge campaigns in recent years are felt by many to be an unofficial recognition that the war isn’t going well, and many top generals have had high hopes for this military strategy, but overwhelming evidence concludes this was a short-lived success. No one can deny the financial toll the Iraq war is having on America, our country is in the middle of the worst economic crisis in recent history, …show more content…
Members of Al Qaeda simply left the area while it was heavily occupied, only to return when the U.S. threat was gone. There was a poll conducted by Iraq for Iraqi citizens and the overwhelming majority felt that conditions had not changed and that they themselves wished that American troops would leave they’re country. Although the primary goal of improving the lives of citizens was not fully realized there is a bigger flaw with the surge, it has a temporary goal to reduce American and Iraqi casualties, and reduce Al Quad attacks. These surges my pacify Americans for the meantime, but there is no evidence that the continued troop surges will aid in creating and maintaining a stable Iraqi state. The most obvious reason America should withdraw from Iraq is the number of lives that have been sacrificed on foreign soil, and the monumental cost put on the American tax payers in order to sustain this war on terror. In terms of American casualties, the Iraq war has killed almost 5,000 American fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters. When you take into consideration the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan, and random attacks against American contractors, the death toll rises even higher. The most tragic death toll from this senseless war have been the estimated 100,000 civilian deaths since American occupation in Iraq,

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