The Iraq War: Summary

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It’s 2007 and MARK HOPKINS (23) is a soldier in the Iraq War. When his unit is attacked, he helps save the life of his soldier friend, RAY JOHNSON (22). Ray loses a leg in the attack.

It’s ten years later and Mark suffers from PTSD, but lives in denial. He’s angry, has dreams about being in the war, and he has a difficult time communicating with his wife and his family. His kids, EMILY and JOSHUA, do poorly in school.

Unable to control his temper and his drinking, Mark’s wife DEBBIE (33) eventually tells Mark to move out of the home. She tells him that he needs help.

Mark moves into his mother’s home. His mother SARAH also tries to convince Mark to get some help. When Mark goes to the VA, he decides to leave. Mark’s estranged father,
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Mark agrees to go to AA with Nick. However, when Mark sees Debbie with another man, MIKE, Mark misinterprets their relationship and gets very angry. Debbie is conflicted about her marriage. Sarah wants her to continue to give Mark another chance. However, Debbie decides to serve Mark with divorce papers.

Mark still battling his inner war overdoses on his pills while drinking. He’s found unconscious and he’s rushed to the hospital. Mark finally is motivated to get some real help.

At the Wounded Warrior Complex, Mark attends individual therapy. Mark and Debbie also attend couple’s therapy together. They have to learn to trust each other again.

Nick and Sarah grow closer. Nick invites Sarah to the Marine Birthday Party Ball in Washington DC. Mark decides to ask Debbie to the ball too and she agrees to go. They all fly out together and attend the ball.

After the party, they visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall. They salute the wall and they read a poem that was written by Major General Davis O’Donnell, who was a POW. The inspirational poem talks about loving one another, not to be ashamed to tell others that you love them, and to honor the heroes of the past that have been left
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