The Iraqi War Essay

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The Iraqi War

This is a discursive essay for the argument against America going to war with Iraq. In this essay, I will briefly include a summary about Iraq and go on to give evidence about previous incidents and other significant points that finally led to the war.

Iraq is a dictatorship that was under the rule of the tyrant Saddam Hussein until the coalition forces invaded and toppled the Iraqi regime. Saddam Hussein officially became a dictator in the year 1979. Since then, he has caused many disruptions and has terribly ruled Iraq. Saddam was supported by the military of Iraq and he was a really brutal man. The people of Iraq were tortured and murdered under this dictator.

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The cease-fire was announced on February 28 1991. This was two days after the allied troops had taken control of Kuwait. On March 2 1991, the UN Security Council laid down a condition that Iraq had to destroy all weapons of mass destruction and paying back damages to Kuwait. The war aims of the US were achieved as Kuwait was liberated from Iraq and peace settled into the Kuwaiti region.

America started getting more curious on the disposal of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. In 1993, Iraq attempted to assassinate the former President George Bush in Kuwait. America then responded a month later by attacking Iraqi military headquarters in Baghdad. There was always a sign that Iraq were either having or developing these harmful weapons and that Saddam was always capable of using these weapons.

Although Iraq withdrew from Kuwait in 1991, the war between Iraq and America was always there. They call it the "war on terrorism". America wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein's regime and restore Iraq to the people of Iraq. There were people who hated Saddam but were forced to respect him. Any one who goes against him would be slaughtered, buried alive or tortured in the meanest way. America was then worried about the safety of its people and world peace. "Would the world be safe with a regime like that in existence?"

Over the years, America

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