The Irish As Aliens Of A Different World Essay

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A single decision set the course for of significant repercussions felt in to the present day. It beganins in the colonial days whenre the British fought to seize Ireland and subjugate their people. British dominance evoked the cultural belief that Ireland was inferior both as a society and in the morality of their beings. The British viewed conceptualized the Irish as aliens of a different world; such as, accusing them ofas wife swapping, being alcoholics, and acting with violent tendencies. Illustrations were drawn of the Irish portraying them with an ‘ape-like image’ to strengthen the evolutionary racist claims that the Irish people were inferior to other races, withholding these beliefs upon generations. A new outlook of race was developed through British actions, essentially creating a course of subjecting others differences as property to walk over and substantiate their authority. These cultural views migrated to North America, implementing the aspect of control into their economy in the 18th and 19th century when cheap labor and resources were demanded. Indentured European servants, Native Americans and Africans supplied this labor; although, all of which were not initially enduring slavery. As North America formed a capitalistic institution, the opposition of dominance remained from the previous inclinations. Due to obstacles enslaving indentured white servants and Native Americans, Africans were easy to target because of their physical features and
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