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The Irish Countryman by Arensberg The Irish Countryman by Arensberg was a very interesting society in many aspects. Their way of life, their level of trust and respect, and their beliefs and priorities all make up the unique society that they all engage in. The Irish were very in touch with the spirit world both mentally and physically on a day to day basis. They continuously strived to please the fairies because they believed that if they behaved properly and morally correct, they will in turn be rewarded. They believed that everything happened for a reason and that nothing was a coincidence. Whether good or bad, if something…show more content…
There is a strong sense of community which makes it possible for the shopkeepers to be so close and generous to the people. This was a common trust among their society which is extraordinary.

The Irish society is mostly composed of peasants living in rural areas with insufficient land. They were a polygenous society in which the political aspect of the community was dominated by an outside force. Matchmaking marriage was the most respectable. Most women either didn't get married at all or got married very late. The process of marriage was very intricate and involved. The female's parents are very particular when choosing who their daughter is going to marry. They make sure he comes from a good family and that he is going to inherit a lot of land in order to gain status to the family. On the other hand, the man is more concerned with the level of intelligence that the woman has. The woman has to be very responsible in the sense that she has many obligations to fulfill around the house. Such obligations include feeding, agricultural work, raising the children, and maintaining the household on a day to day basis.

When a couple decides to get married, the parents of the husband move into the west room of the house. They are usually around 60 years old and remain in this room until their death. The West room

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