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                              Ireland has a great history of war, famine, despair, and hardship. Throughout the years the Irish have come from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. In this paper I will give a history of the Irish people before coming to America, what it was coming here, how they were welcomed to their new home, and how they are faring now. I will also expose many of the stereotypes that the Irish have pinned to them and the reason that they are there.
     In the early 1800's, the Irish had great success in the potato industry due to the high
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What would happen if for some odd reason, all the crops failed and people were not able to support themselves with the potato? No one gave this possible scenario any thought because it seemed absurd that such a thing could occur. But in 1845, a disease destroyed over half of the potato crops in Ireland. The Irish had hoped that it would be an isolated incident and prayed that next year might be a more productive one. But 1846 proved to be even worse then the year prior. The issue with starvation became a reality after the second year of the famine, people began to panic and crime was at an all-time high. The Irish began immigrating to other countries, and bringing deadly diseases with them. Canada was the main destination point for most immigrants for the first year. There were ships with bountiful amounts of food on them being shipped to Canada from Ireland, even though the potato crop was failing, other crops were flourishing. It seems ironic that while there own country was starving, they sent the one thing that their citizens need most to another land.
     Many countries, including America attempted to send relief to Ireland in their time of need. But the English were very much against any relief being sent to these people in need. There were many suggestions given to England to help the starving in their neighboring country. Some examples are soup kitchens, which they declined because they said that the

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