Essay on The Irish Republican Army Ideology

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The Irish Republican Army Ideology The Irish Republican Army ideology is still living in Northern Ireland, nearly a century after the organization’s establishment. Although the IRA has since disbanded, the spirit is kept alive by a number of splinter factions, including the Provisional, Continuity, and Real IRAs. Not many terrorist organizations can maintain a campaign this extensive in time. The long history of the IRA campaign of terror leads to many political, social, religious, educational and economic effects. It also contributes to international problems about which we may only be able to speculate. The most violent splinter group from the Provisional IRA is named the Real Irish…show more content…
The group predominantly participates in bombings, especially car bombs; however, the U.S. Department of State says they have also been involved in robberies and assassinations. Their targets include the police in Northern Ireland, Protestant communities in Northern Ireland, the British military, and civilians, according to the State Department. There is a good deal of conflicting information regarding the number of attacks committed by the Real IRA. According to the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base, the rIRA have participated in 29 total incidents, while the State Department says that there have been more than 80 attacks since 1999. Another report stated that the rIRA was responsible for nine terrorist attacks in 1998 alone, including its most deadly (Melaugh). The most effective attack by the Real IRA occurred on August 15, 1998 in Omagh, Northern Ireland. On that day 29 people were killed and around 220 were wounded. Among the dead was a woman who was 8 months pregnant with twins. A false warning was issued 30 minutes before the bomb went off to Ulster Television in Belfast. Law enforcement officials moved people away from the location of the warning, only to have moved them closer to the actual location, causing even more injury (Omagh). The public was so outraged with the bombing that the Real IRA announced they were ceasing all “military operations,”
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